Smoke’m Ifya Gourd’em!

At Compass Rose, our ongoing theme is exploration.  So, it was fitting that the production of our new smoked pumpkin blond ale Smoke’m Ifya Gourd’em required quite a journey!  We traveled to visit Jason and Amy at The Farmers’ Daughter  in Taylorsville, NC–where we helped Jason cut 130 pounds of fresh pumpkins loose from their vines growing on a hill overlooking a small pond on their land.




We then brought those pumpkins back to our brewery, hacked them up with a cleaver, and smoked them briefly over chunks of apple and cherry wood before tossing them into a mash of pilsner and Belgian malts.  We used a mortar and pestle to crush a blend of ginger root, cinnamon stick, allspice, and coriander to lend a “pumpkin pie” note that compliments the Belgian Blond base without being overwhelming.


In the end, we’re left with a pumpkin-pie-orange beer that shows off fruity Belgian malt character, along with pumpkin pie spice flavors and aromas that intertwine with wisps of light smoke to produce a 7.0% ABV ale that’s unique and dangerously easy to drink!